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加减 申凡、刘广云双个展

Liang Project Co Space 将于 115 号呈现申凡、刘广云的双个展。该展览将分别展示两位艺术家近年来从多个系列中臻选的部分作品。此次展览也是两位艺术家历经二十年后的再度合作。



Liang Project Co Space

艺术家: 申凡、刘广云

策展人: 梁勤

展览时间: 2017.11.5 – 2017.12.3

开幕时间: 2017.11.5 16:00 – 18:00


​Jia Jian

Liang Project Co Space will present a dual solo exhibition of Shen Fan and Liu Guangyun on November 5th. The exhibition will demonstrate the most featured works of two artists from recent decades. The exhibition is also a significant of re-collaboration between the two artists over the past 20 years.


Both of them' works involve the fusion of different media by constantly adding and subtracting their personal creative behavior. Therefore, the final expression of their works is not the completion of isolation and static, but the attempt to convey a sort of living conditions that we are familiar with through addition and subtraction. The entanglement between artists and materials is similar with the accumulation and oblivion in life, which indicates a kind of truth. The truth is that the meaning that life gives us and the one we give back are constantly being shaped in uncertainty, even though we try to believe it can be captured by every individual.

Liang Project Co Space

Artist: Shen Fan, Liu Guangyun

​Curator: Liang Qin

Duration: 2017.11.5 – 2017.12.3

Opening: 2017.11.5 16:00 – 18:00

Address: Room 102, Building 18, No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

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