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时间的缝隙 傅百林个展






Liang Project Co Space

艺术家: 傅百林

策展人: 顾铮

展览时间: 2017.7.15 – 2017.8.15

开幕时间: 2017.1.15 16:00 – 18:00


The Crack of Time

​Fu Bailin Solo Exhibition

Such a word-defying landscape.


Describing those landscapes with words peaceful and silent is not yet adequate to indicate the general impression that those images delivered. Essentially, the pictures present an apparent outcome after the fight between life and death, where everything seems to come to an end. Plants that often could be seen in landscape, have already gone; only the tough rocks, iced lake and barren sky extending endlessly remain. Everything seems to be related with bleakness, depression, and even despair. So far, all of living creatures end here and are attributed to the boundless silence of death.


It is an absolute landscape. Fu Bailin sometimes intensifies the golden sunshine into the extreme, which provokes the brilliance of steep cliffs. Fu, facing this bleak landscape, transformed the landscape he saw to a kind of picture that contains the gigantic combination of the spiritual and the material, through the camera. The joy and perseverance in solitude along with the loneliness in face of the great nature, are sublimated into a realm, which contributes to such a bleak picture of desolation and peace.


Fu’s photographic work pursues the visual purity and strength of the landscape, along with the spiritual profundity it carries. His photography provides the audience with a visual experience for reference, consideration, and even critical thinking.


Fu longs for capturing the ultimate landscape about the relation between man and nature out of the questing of the meaning of individual existence. This perfect combination of natural landscape with internal visual expression provides the natural landscape with a sense of transcendence. 

Liang Project Co Space

Artist: Fu Bailin

​Curator: Gu Zheng

Duration: 2017.7.15 – 2017.8.15

Opening: 2017.1.15 16:00 – 18:00

Address: Room 102, Building 18, No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

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