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美地 汪一个人项目

本次陈列于展厅的主体部分的是青年艺术家汪一于 2016 年最新创作的大型绘画,都以带有冒险的、童话的、传说式的叙事方向,来描绘出一幅幅极富趣味和内涵的景致。在展厅的一处角落,艺术家搭建起一个名为《观察站》的金字塔状的木结构装置,观众走进内部后会发现自己身处于一个密闭的暗室,艺术家运用经典的针孔成像原理,将展厅里的情景经由塔顶的小孔,巧妙地投射在暗室的台面上。据汪一叙说,我们的大脑,正犹如这暗室中无尽的黑暗,而大理石台面就像我们的视网膜。若没有暗室,我们将失去所有图像。这件装置作品灵感源于他对外在物理光线在人类脑中转换,并被处理成为图像的一种思考。

Liang Project Co Space

艺术家: 汪一

策展人: 梁勤

展览时间: 2016.12.31 – 2017.1.22

开幕时间: 2016.12.31 16:00 – 18:00


Scenery · Wang Yi Solo Project

The main part of the exhibition hall is the large-scale paintings created by young artist Wang Yi recently in 2016. The works depict pieces of interesting and connotative view through a narrative of adventurous, fairy-tale and legendary. In a corner of the exhibition hall, the artist built a wooden structure in pyramid shape called "Observation Station". When the audience walk inside, they found themselves in a closed dark room. By applying pinhole imaging principle, the scene in the exhibition hall is subtly projected on the ground of the dark room through the small hole in the top. According to Wang Yi, our brain is like the endless darkness in this dark room, and the marble ground is like our retina. We will lose all images if there is no darkroom. The installation is inspired by the process of transforming the external physical light into the human brain to form an image.

Liang Project Co Space

Artist: Wang Yi

​Curator: Liang Qin

Duration: 2016.12.31 – 2017.1.22

Opening: 2016.12.31 16:00 – 18:00

Address: Room 103, No.111 Liyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

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