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6 月 30 日 「李山·对话·关根伸夫」于 Liang Project Co Space 隆重开幕。


当代艺术家李山、关根伸夫都生于 1942 年。两个出生于不同国界、生长于不同文化背景和地区的艺术家以自己的认知和感知的方式来表达对艺术的观点和对生命的看法。


李山是早期中国前卫艺术代表人物、著名的当代艺术家。早在 1967 年就开始探索实验艺术。80 年代参与中国美术新潮运动,在 85 美术运动中起着重要作用。1989 年「中国现代艺术展」策展人高名潞点名要李山《扩延》系列抽象绘画参展,但作品尺寸过大,运输困难,李山在中国美术馆内上演了后来被反复提及的著名行为艺术《洗脚》。45 岁的李山头戴小红帽,身披大红袍,双脚放入绘有当时美国总统里根头像的脚盆。该作品不仅以调侃的方式,反讽了当时泛政治化的倾向,浓眉大眼红嘴的里根像,也预示着之后《胭脂》系列政治波普的诞生。1993 年李山代表中国第一次参加全球重要的威尼斯双年展。1994 年参加圣保罗双年展。奠定了在国际上的艺术影响力。而李山一直在不断探索,他是第一个思考生物艺术,推出生物艺术的艺术家。


关根伸夫是日本著名雕塑家和抽象画大家,也是「物派」艺术运动的代表及领军人物。物派出现于 20 世纪 60 年代后半期,其作品《位相—大地》在美术界掀起一场风暴,作为战后日本现代美术的里程碑式作品,广为海内外所知。作品对泥土这种自然态的材料重新诠释,以及被突出的圆筒形土堆与地面被挖掘的空洞之间的变异关系,启示人们重新认识物体和空间,表达了革命性的绝对存在观念。他基于认识和知觉的根本性问题所表达的「美术就是表现存在」的概念,之后发展为物派的基础理论,关根伸夫也成为物派的开派人物。



Liang Project Co Space

艺术家: 李山、关根伸夫

策展人: 梁勤

展览时间: 2018.6.30 – 2018.7.31

开幕时间: 2018.6.30 16:00 – 18:00


​Li Shan & Nobuo Sekine

The exhibition "Li Shan & Nobou Sekine" is grandly opened at Liang Project Co Space on June 30th.


Both contemporary artists Li Shan and Nobou Sekine were born in 1942. Two artists born in different nationalities and grown up under different cultural backgrounds express their cognizations on art and life through their own perspectives.


Li Shan is a representative of the early Chinese avant-garde art and a famous contemporary artist, who began exploring experimental art in 1967. He participates in the ’85 New Wave – the birth of Chinese contemporary art and plays an important role in this movement. In 1989, Gao Minglu, the curator of the "China Avant-grade Art Exhibition", names Li Shan's "Extension" series of abstract painting works for showcasing, but the transportation is difficult due to the extreme large size of the work. Li Shan conducts the famous performance art "Farewell" in the National Art Museum of China, which is constantly mentioned later. Li Shan of 45 years old, wearing a red robe with a small red hood, puts his feet on the footbath with the head of the US President Reagan. This work ridicules the tendency of pan-politicization at that time with the Reagan image of the big eye and red mouth, which also indicates the birth of the political pop art "Rouge" series. In 1993, Li Shan participates in the La Biennale di Venezia as a Chinese art representative for the first time, and he participates in the São Paulo Art Biennia in 1994, which have built up an influential reputation worldwide. Li Shan has been constantly exploring, and he is the first artist to think about biological art and launch bio art.


Nobuo Sekine is a famous Japanese sculptor and abstract painter, and he is also a representative and leader of the "Mono-ha" art movement. "Mono-ha" appears in later period of 1960s, and Nobuo’s work "Phase – Mother Earth" brings a stormy influence on art. As a landmark work of modern Japanese art after the second war, it is widely known domestically and internationally. In his work, the reinterpretation of the natural material and the relationship between the prominent cylindrical mound and the hollow being excavated on the ground reveals people's re-recognition of objects and space, which expresses a revolutionary concept of absolute existence. Based on the fundamental question of cognition and perception, he promotes the concept of "art is the expression of existence", and it later developed into the fundamental theory of "Mono-ha". Nobuo Sekine becomes the character who firstly creates and develops "Mono-ha".


This exhibition presents some concepts of perception and cognition and that the two artists are now focusing on.

Liang Project Co Space

Artist: Li Shan, Nobuo Sekine

Curator: Liang Qin

Duration: 2018.6.30 – 2018.7.31

Opening: 2018.6.30 16:00 – 18:00

Address: Room 102, Building 18, No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

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