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ART021 上海廿一当代艺术博览会

ART021 上海廿一当代艺术博览会创立于 2013 年,是中国上海国际艺术节的缠粘项目,博览会汇集了来自全球顶级画廊与机构,力图构筑一个专业的平台给画廊主、艺术家、收藏家、赞助人、美术馆负责人进行交流,分享最新当代艺术动向与想法。ART021 以精选品质,专业水准,本地资源,国际视野为其创办宗旨。


Liang Project Co Space 

参展展位: E17

参展艺术家: 吉一玮、李庆美、李山、孙尧、汪一、肖敏、郑在东

时间: 2018.11.8 – 2018.11.11

地点: 上海市延安中路1000号·上海展览中心


ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Founded in 2013, ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair is a constituent member of the Shanghai International Arts Festival. ART021 brings together the top galleries, institutions, artists and their works from around the world, aiming at building a platform for galleries, institutions, collectors and sponsors. 

Focusing on local resources while adopting a global perspective, ART021 strives for excellence, professionalism and a high level of quality.


Liang Project Co Space 

Booth: E17
Artist List: 
Ji Yiwei, Lee Kyoungmi, Li Shan, Sun Yao, Wang Yi, Xiao Min, Zheng Zaidong

Duration: November 8, 2018 – November 11, 2018

Address: Shanghai Exhibition Center, No.1000 Middle Yanan Road, Shanghai, China

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