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新汇画 艺术群展

月 20 号 Liang Project Co Space 将举办「新汇画」艺术家群展。此次推出 20 位艺术家近 30 件作品。



Liang Project Co Space

艺术家: 陈彧君、大有、丁雄泉、丁乙、黄喆、李庆美、李山、娄申义、罗威、秦一峰、孙尧、汪一、徐大卫、薛峰、薛松、尹朝阳、袁远、赵洋、赵峥嵘、郑在东

展览时间: 2018.1.20 – 2018.2.26


The New Painting 

Liang Project Co Space will present a group exhibition “The New Painting” on January 20th. Nearly 30 works from 20 artists will be launched during the exhibition.


The controversy for the definition of new painting is no longer limited within the scope of possibility, and the dissimilitude in the cognition of painting between the East and the West has been declined by globalization. The painting has become a returning process progressively, which is a journey back to its origin rather a re-emphasis of painting being a method of creating, nor a self-complacence of bloodlines purification. The definition of new painting relies on the new attitude of artists. It is not that the artists choose to paint but they melt and integrated themselves in the paintings. Meanwhile, the painting is expected to be interrelated with the experience of artists during the endless process of entanglement, encirclementand judgment from historical determinism. It prefers to become a part of trace that experienced by artists, and create a new form of art based on the trace from time to time. This exhibition is a collection of artists who have marched together with the paintings. The works from 20 artists have opened a new window for audience. It is better to regard those works as a trace of close contact between artists and the paintings. These traces not only reveal the images with artist's emotion, but also present audiences with the form of cooperation process.

Liang Project Co Space

Artist: Chen Yujun, Da You, Ding Xiongquan, Ding Yi, Huang Zhe, Lee Kyoungmi, Li Shan, Lou Shenyi, Luo Wei, Qin Yifeng, Sun Yao, Wang Yi, Xu Dawei, Xue Feng, Xue Song, Yin Chaoyang, Yuan Yuan, Zhao Yang, Zhao Zhengrong, Zheng Zaidong

Duration: 2018.1.20 – 2018.2.26

Address: Room 102, Building 18, No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

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