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出远门的人 汪一个展


文字 游洋

上海艺术家汪一以柔和鲜明的色调描绘风景,他的作品常常将自然呈现的既真实又抽象、既轻松愉快又超凡脱俗。 他早期的作品包括表现室内空间的写实绘画、对于亲密关系的描绘以及装置作品。在他最新的系列《出远门的人》中,汪一的作品体现了理想与现实并非互相排斥,而是可以在错综复杂的关系中共融。



Liang Project Co Space

艺术家: 汪一

展览时间: 2019.4.21 – 2019.5.25

开幕时间: 2019.4.21 16:00


The Traveller · Wang Yi Solo Exhibition

Wang Yi: On the Road 

By Youyang

Employing a soft and vibrant palette, the Shanghai-based artist Wang Yi’s landscape paintings often render nature, both real and imagined, lighthearted and otherworldly. His earlier works comprise realistic paintings of domestic spaces and depiction of intimate relationships, and installations. In his new series of works The Traveler, Wang presents a reality where the ideal and the real are not mutual-exclusive, but rather blended together in an intricate coexistence.


Drawing inspirations from his journeys and experiences to Tibet, Yunnan and North America, Wang Yi’s works are his impressions of the natural world. Yet he often stays as an outside observer, seeing and presenting the landscapes as an effort to unite the dichotomy of mind and nature, and of eternity of time and space and the finiteness of man’s own existence. Bringing the viewers face to face with a strong sense of displacement, the artist paints with soft shades of gentle colors and applies sheer layers of paints with playful brushstrokes, rendering the sceneries relaxing and cheerful. However, the lack of human presence also makes these locales neutral, devoid of specific associations towards any complicated relationships, power struggles and personal battles. By doing this, he deliberately emphasizes the notion of otherness, being away from the mundane concerns and ultimately an in-depth exploration of one’s own existence. These journeys to the periphery are essentially a contemplation inward, in search of an ideal life, that is yet to be recognized and defined.

Liang Project Co Space

Artist: Wang Yi

Duration: 2019.4.21 – 2019.5.25

Opening: 2019.4.21 16:00

Address: Room 102, Building 18, No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

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