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雨过天青 郑在东


郑在东生于台北,定居上海十数年。近年创作作品,在形式和审美上与倪瓒最为亲近:简静、 空灵、辽远,画上的题诗也从稚拙中透出元人特有的雅致。他笔下的米家云山,如江南的湖山,烟霭迷离。即便描绘的可以触摸的古代器物,装饰色彩甚重,也令人想起明代吴门文人的雅集。如果说十多年前郑在东的作品曾富有冷峻的哲思,他的近作则更多了一种温馨的感悟,精致、细腻、感性,在闲适乃至慵懒日常生活中,体悟著生存的方式和意义。

雨过天青 上海华氏画廊

艺术家: 郑在东

策展人: 梁勤

时间: 2018.11.23 – 2018.12.23

开幕式: 2018.11.23 16:00

地点: 上海华氏画廊

             上海市徐汇区龙腾大道 3398 号

雨过天青 布面丙烯 200x200cm 2018.jpg

Blue after Raining - Zheng Zaidong Solo Exhibition in Shanghai Hwas Gallery

Zheng Zaidong was born in Taipei and settled in Shanghai for more than a decade. The works that he created in the past few years are most related to Ni Zan in form and aesthetics: peaceful, ethereal, and magnificent. The poems on the paintings also reveal the unique elegance of the Yuan Dynasty through juvenile. The Mijiayun Mountain in his painting is similar with Lake Mountian in the south of the Yangtze River, which is dim and hazy. Even the painted ancient artifacts that can be touched with heavy decorative colors reminds audiences of the elegant collection of literati from Wu Family in the Ming Dynasty. If Zheng Zaidong’s works were rich in cold philosophical thoughts ten years ago, his recent works contain more warm inspiration, elegance, exquisiteness, and sensibility. In the leisure and even lazy daily life, he realized the way and significance of subsistence.

Blue after Raining  Shanghai Hwas Gallery

Artist: Zheng Zaidong

Curator: Liang Qin

Duration: 2018.11.23 – 2018.12.23

Openning: 2018.11.23 16:00

Address: Shanghai Hwas Gallery, 3398 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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