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现场 龚新如个人艺术项目

上海临港当代美术馆 LIYA 计划



这次展出的作品有三件,“装置-中国屁股”,影像“赤生活”和衍生品“着装”。项目的装置作品是灯箱材料,是我从  2011 年就开始启动的一件和社会有关的作品,我想表达的是时下的一种汽车文化在中国的现象,它是一个交通人的性格表达,也是一道在路上的独特风景;项目的影像作品是对交通标牌的另类理解,同时也是对人性的思考;这些都是我艺术创作以来一直思考的方向。项目作品三是“着装”;为了我的思考在项目中更好的延伸,我展现了两件我重要的作品系列—“囧途”的衍生产品,这也是我对展示媒介和展示空间的一次尝试,希望找到更多可能性和多元化的表达方式。当我的项目进入到美术馆的展厅,这种场域关系的碰撞和改变又会引发怎样的反应?在我的这次项目里,可能只有身处在“剧场”才能真正体会到的“现场”。 

现场 临港当代美术馆 LIYA 计划

艺术家: 龚新如

时间: 2018.4.28 – 2018.6.28

地点: 临港当代美术馆 

        上海市浦东区水芸路 418 

屏幕快照 2018-04-27 00.05.04.png

Scene - Gong Xinru Individual Project in Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

The creation of this project is a continuation of my thinking about the transportation elements, which explores the subconscious of the traffic people and pursues the concern for life as well as freedom. Through re-examining the reality, it completes the dialogue of ego spiritually.


There are three works showcased during this exhibition, including "Installation - Chinese Ass", video "Have a Good Time" and derivative work "Dressing". The material of installation works is light box. It is a social-related work that started in 2011. The artist wants to express the phenomenon of car culture in China at present. It is a character expression of a traffic people and is also a unique scenery on the road. The video work in project indicates an alternative understanding of traffic signs, which is also a reflection on human nature. All of them are the directions that artist has been thinking since his first artistic creation. The third work of the project is “Dressing”. In order to better extend artist’s thoughts in the project, he has shown two series of the most important work series – “GO GO GO”derivative works, which is also his experiment to the media and exhibiting space, trying to find more possibilities and diversities of expressions. What kind of reaction will this collision and change of the field relationship cause when the project established in museum hall? In his project, the “scene” only can be experienced when being in the “live”.

Scene  LIYA Project of Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

Artist: Gong Xinru

Duration: 2018.4.28 – 2018.6.28

Address: Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Art Museum, Shuiyun Road 418, Putuo District, Shanghai

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