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造影 孙尧


孙尧个展“造影”于 10 月 5 日在德国海上花画廊开幕。用“造影”这个来自临床医学检查的术语来形容孙尧的系列创作有着独特的意味。中文翻译这个词有两个汉字组成,造和影。“影”是存在之物的另一种身影,有时甚至是缺席者的在场。“影”既是时间在空间中的显现,也是可见和非可见之间的中间地带。“造”却具有了手段化的色彩,将预设行为引入世界,凸显了人造物的意图和欲念。孙尧在他的绘画中质疑着控制论的模式,转而诉诸感觉化的甚至是不自觉的想象虚构着周身的世界,以另一种方式的“造影”来诠释自然的性状和可能。


造影 德国慕尼黑海上花画廊

艺术家: 孙尧

时间: 2017.10.5 – 2018.4.28

开幕式: 2017.10.5 

地点:  德国慕尼黑海上花画廊


Appearance - Sun Yao Solo Exhibition in GALERIE SHANGHAI

Sun Yao’s solo exhibition “Appearance” was opened on October 5th, 2017 at the German GALERIE SHANGHAI. It has unique meaning to use the term "Appearance”, a term from clinical medical examination, to describe Sun Yao's series of creations. The Chinese translation of the word consists of two Chinese characters, which are “making” and “shadow”. "Shadow" is another figure of existence, and sometimes it represents the presence of absentee. "Shadow" is appearance of time in space, and is also the middle zone between visible and invisible. "Making" indicates the approach, introducing presupposed actions into the world, which highlights the intentions and desires of objects. Sun Yu questions the mode of cybernetics in his paintings. Instead, he metaphorizes the existence of a certain sense through the visual state of the picture, reconstructing the surrounded world through “Appearance” (Making Shadow), which explores and interprets the nature in another way.


Sun Yao’s landscapes contain the power of spirit and emotion. His large-scale oil paintings feature his significant monotone-color style, delicately portraying the scenery of forests, rivers, and mountains. At the same time, the outlines of the face and body loom. Incorporating the anthropomorphic approach into the landscape, Sun's work poetically and powerfully reminds us how the terrain and us reflect to each other, and ultimately the terrain integrates into our identity, twisting with our feeling of existence. 


Artist: Sun Yao

Duration: 2017.10.5 – 2018.4.28

Openning: 2017.10.5

Address: GALERIE SHANGHAI, Nymphenburger Straße 107, 80636 München, Deutschland

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