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隐喻之痕 孙尧 


Liang Project Co Space 艺术家孙尧的《隐喻之痕》展览将于 2017 年 25日在临港当代美术馆展出。





隐喻之痕 上海临港当代美术馆

艺术家: 孙尧

策展人: 梁勤

时间: 2017.6.25 – 2017.7.25

开幕式: 2017.6.25 16:00

地点:  上海临港当代美术馆5号展厅 上海市浦东新区水芸路 418 号


Traces of Metaphor - Sun Yao Solo Exhibition in Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

Liang Project Co Space Artist Sun Yao's exhibition "Traces of Metaphor" was opened at the Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Museum on June 25th, 2017.


The intuitive “natural trace” constructed by the artist Sun Yao makes us able to find a path walking into his paintings. In front of his huge paintings, audiences will feel the powerful "pressure" that the picture reveals. Through the unique “trace” of painting, the artist Sun Yao enable the audiences to read his works through the “natural trace”. The “hand traces” of the artist on the paintings combined with mind become every stroke of the picture. The lines of the pen and the pen are like the ink of Chinese landscape paintings. The overlapped lines that created one by one is similar with the accumulated ink of Chinese Landscape painting. The repeated handwriting and line marks merge into a magnificent scenery.


“Every piece of work is a fable. This is the unique character of the artwork. Through its own form of existence or the approach of being produced, it opens a concealment world hidden or behind the artwork.” Sun does not care about 

Having “unnatural” “trace” in his painting. On the contrary, he believes the traces will enrich the picture with a unique character and meaning, a “natural flow” under “deliberateness”.

Traces of Metaphor   LIYA Project of Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

Artist: Sun Yao

Curator: Liang Qin

Duration: 2017.6.25 – 2017.7.25

Openning: 2017.6.25 16:00

Address: Hall No.5, Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Art Museum, Shuiyun Road 418, Putuo District, Shanghai

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