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重生 李庆美 上海临港当代美术馆



艺术家: 李庆美

策展人: 梁勤

时间: 2019.7.20 – 2019.9.8

开幕式: 2019.7.20 15:00

地点: 上海市浦东新区水芸路418号2楼临港当代美术馆5号展厅

桌上的哥伦布大道_Columbus Avenue on the Table_18

I Got Life - Lee Kyoungmi Solo Exhibition in Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

Kyoungmi Lee’s work could be defined as a self-confession. She forms a certain status with her familiar objects that absorbed from her individual experience, and creates a window from dynamic movement in parallax, through which the public could be able to observe the heterotopia referred to Michel Foucault. Different from an unreal virtual world of utopia, heterotopies created by Lee are concrete and practical. Her heterotopies are veritable as they exist in the world of perception. These are spaces of otherness, which are irrelevant and divided consciously or unconsciously, that are simultaneously physical and mental, such as the delicate packing box, serene desk and inconspicuous storage rack she drew. The spaces are derived from life experience, and even adapted from Lee’s childhood memory, her loss of emotion, and her imagination towards unfathomable universe. The heterotopies presented by Lee represent spaces that constantly interact with realistic world, which reflect reality like a mirror, rather than static constant spaces. Those heterotopies bring individuals into another space differed from the one they live in, and through her twittering self-confession, Kyoungmi Lee provides individuals with practical solutions to achieve elusive aspirations in real world.

I Got Life  

Artist: Lee Kyoungmi

Curator: Liang Qin

Duration: 2019.7.20 – 2019.9.8

Openning: 2019.7.20 15:00

Address: Lingang Contemporary Art Museum No.5 Exhibition Hall 2F, 418 Shuiyun Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai

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