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隐匿之地 孙尧




表象的突触 当代艺术实验项目

艺术家: 孙尧

学术主持: 梁勤

时间: 2018.11.22 – 2018.12.5

开幕式: 2018.11.22 14:00

地点: 杭州市南山路 218 号·中国美术学院美术馆 B1 号实验展厅

主办单位: 中国美术学院美术馆, 上海大学新闻传播学院

承办单位: 中国美术学院美术馆, 中国美术学院校友会

星迹 To the Stars no.16 220x320cm 布面油彩 Oil

Concealed Land - Sun Yao’s Work Exhibition in Art Museum of China Academy of Art

The concealed land is intended to reveal another figure of the being, or the presence of the absentee. The concealed figure is both the appearance of time in space and the division between visible and invisible. The metaphor can happen is precisely because of the most essential relationship between objects, which means some indivisibility. The connection between human being and nature lies in this indivisible original unity.


Sun Yao’s work re-define the feeling of nature from the perspective of body sensation. The body is connected to the nature like a synapse, interacting with each other, transmitting information, and intertwining with nature through the way the body sensation. Intertwining is not a conversation, but an intimacy based on the same texture characteristics, which is a mutual response. Therefore, the metaphor of Sun Yao’s work is not to hide certain specific significance behind the surface of the work, or to rush to present any concept. Instead, it metaphorizes the existence of a certain sense through the visual state of the picture, reconstructing the surrounded world through sensory or even unconscious imagination, which explores and interprets the nature in another way.

Synapse of Representation  Contemporary Art Experimental Program

Artist: Sun Yao

Academic Director: Liang Qin

Duration: 2018.11.22 – 2018.12.5

Openning: 2018.11.22 14:00

Address: Experimental Hall B1, Museum of China Academy of Art, Nanshan Road 218, Hangzhou

Presenter: Museum of China Academy of Art, School of Journalism and Communication of Shanghai University

Organizer: Museum of China Academy of Art, Alumni Association of Museum of China Academy of Art

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