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2017 台北国际艺术博览会

此次参展艺术家为仇德树、肖敏、孙尧、谢艾格、傅百林和汪一,作品形式涵盖了油画,水墨,摄影和雕塑等媒介。仇德树作为中国著名当代水墨艺术家,作品中的「裂变」成为其独特的艺术风格。而作为在中国当代艺术进程中较为特殊的一代,70、80后艺术家有着承上启下的意义,无论从对意识形态转型期的反应,还是传统东方美学 的承袭,乃至西方各时期艺术思潮和流派的影响,70、80 后的艺术家都表现出颇为复杂的状态。他们的艺术表现既有着某种共同的对于时代和环境变迁的敏感,同时也流露出某种克制但丝毫不乏力度的个性情感。此外,对于中西方传统美学的眷恋和认同也令他们的作品保持了高度一致的审美品质。


Liang Project Co Space 

参展展位: L10

参展艺术家: 傅百林、李庆美、仇德树、孙尧、汪一、肖敏、谢艾格

时间: 2017.10.20 – 2017.10.23

地点: 台北市信义区信义路五段 5 号·台北世界贸易中心



The Liang Project Co Space participates the art fair with selected artists Qiu Deshu, Xiao Min, Sun Yao, Xie Aige, Fu Bailin and Wang Yi. Different artists present their works through multiple media, such as oil painting, ink wash painting, photography and sculpture. Qiu Deshu as a famous Chinese contemporary ink artist features in creating 'Fissuring' in his work, which has become his unique symbolic art style. Nonetheless, the young generation of artists of 70s and 80s play an important role during the progress of Chinese contemporary art history. In terms of reacting to the ideology transition, adopting the traditional oriental aesthetics and even adapting the various artistic ideological trends, artists from 70s and 80s reveal a complex attitude. There is a similar sensitivity towards the changeable time period and situation in their art. Meanwhile, their art works deliver restrained and intense personal emotion. The acceptation of both western and oriental aesthetics synchronously contributes in maintaining indescribable virtue of aesthetics in their art works.

Liang Project Co Space

Booth: L10
Artist List: Fu Bailin, Lee Kyoungmi, Qiu Deshu, Sun Yao, Wang Yi, Xie Aige, Xiao Min

Duration: October 20, 2017 – October 23, 2017

Address: Taipei World Trade Center Hall One, No.5, Hsin-Yi Rd., Sec 5, Taipei City 11011, Taiwan, R.O.C

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