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表象,以及其他 肖敏 


肖敏自 2009 年开始的包括《显现》、《世界观》、《风景》、《虚境》四个系列的创作,不仅在艺术母题选取、空间认知与把握以及材料的使用上都表现出对传统雕塑观念的挑战勇气,更在关于自身存在与外部世界关系的探索中体现出极强的思辨精神。在这四个有内在逻辑联系的系列创作中,肖敏基于对外部世界的多重方式观察及对图像(镜像)的分析解读,所作的对虚拟遗存物的“描摹”与“书写”;或以专业测绘学方式所作的鸟笼、鱼缸、人类胸骨、头颅和地图等,皆为我们证明了雕塑的思辨与“话语”功能,是雕塑行为在语言中的体现。重要的是其作品能以视觉的方式揭示语言在不知不觉中对我们思维和行为的控制,引发我们对自身存在之不确定性的思考和对完美显现的质疑。艺术家以对传统媒材、现成品乃至观念和语言的综合利用,让我们不得不重新思考所指与能指的对应关系,认真品味艺术家所言:“所谓世界观,终究不过是我们自囚的牢笼。”

表象的突触 当代艺术实验项目

艺术家: 肖敏

学术主持: 皮道坚

时间: 2018.11.22 – 2018.12.5

开幕式: 2018.11.22 14:00

地点: 杭州市南山路 218 号·中国美术学院美术馆 B1 号实验展厅

主办单位: 中国美术学院美术馆, 上海大学新闻传播学院

承办单位: 中国美术学院美术馆, 中国美术学院校友会


Representation and Others - Xiao Min’s Work Exhibition in Art Museum of China Academy of Art

Xiao Min's four series of creations, namely "Revelation", "World View", "Landscape" and "Virtuality" since 2009, not only demonstrate courage to challenge conventional concepts of sculpture in perspectives of artistic motifs selection, spatial cognition and material property, but also reflect a strong speculative spirit in the exploration of the relationship between individual existence and the external world. In these four series of works with internal logical connections, Xiao’s "depiction" and "writing" of virtual remains based on multiple approaches of observing the external world and interpretating of images (mirror image), as well as the bird cage, fish tank, human sternum, skull and map produced by professional surveying and mapping methods, have proved that the speculative and "discourse" function of sculpture are a demonstration of sculptural behavior in language. It is important that Xiao's works are able to visually reveal the unconsciously controlling of language to our thinking process and behavior, which provok the audiences into thinking about the uncertainty of individual existence and questioning the perfect revelation. The artist's combined use of traditional media, ready-made products and even concepts as well as language prompts the audience to reconsider the correspondence between the signified and the signifier, and ponder over his saying: The so-called world view is nothing but a prison to limit ourselves.

Synapse of Representation  Contemporary Art Experimental Program

Artist: Xiao Min

Academic Director: Pi Daojian

Duration: 2018.11.22 – 2018.12.5

Openning: 2018.11.22 14:00

Address: Experimental Hall, Museum of China Academy of Art, Nanshan Road 218, Hangzhou

Presenter: Museum of China Academy of Art, School of Journalism and Communication of Shanghai University

Organizer: Museum of China Academy of Art, Alumni Association of Museum of China Academy of Art

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